Booking Services

Personalized reservations, bookings, and changes are taken care of.

With the invention of the internet (for better or worse), anyone can book their own travel, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to plan your travel. One search can send you down a rabbit hole of thousands of options that can be instantly overwhelming. I work together with my clients to find out what is most important to them, to help choose a destination, resort, hotel, transportation and price point that fits just right.


Custom Itinerary Planning

You leave home with a detailed, personalized travel plan.

You and your travel needs are unique. Maybe your friend’s family went to the same destination that you’re going to and has lots of suggestions – but are those the right things for YOUR trip? From your departure day to your arrival, your itinerary and plans should reflect your priorities. Clients who choose custom itinerary planning will get detailed information from start to finish, clarifying each step (without making you feel overwhelmed).


Trip Management

Someone’s got your back every step of the way.

From the research phase to booking and planning and then actually enjoying your trip, you need someone in your corner. I am here to make sure you never forget a final payment, never wonder where to meet your airport transfer driver, or where to get insurance coverage. If something goes wrong (big or small), I am here to help you navigate the issue, through my expertise and supplier relationships.

The Planning Process


Get In Touch

First, schedule a Vacation Consultation. This discussion helps me get to know you and your travel party a little better, informing each of my recommendations and suggestions for you. If your trip requires a planning fee, you’ll be notified here and you’ll get an invoice to pay that before the next steps.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Based on our discovery call, I will work with my travel partners to build a proposal that I believe will be a great fit for you. This proposal will include reasons why we have chosen certain properties or activities and offer ways in which it can be tailored to your specifications.


Book It

Once you have approved what we’ve created together, I will send you an invoice and we’ll book your travel – accommodations, transportation, insurance and more. In most cases, a deposit is required, though in some cases (usually last-minute travel) you may need to pay the amount in full at the time of booking.

Building Your Trip

Between booking your trip and your departure date, I will be working on your trip management, with final payments, detailed itinerary planning and more. During this time, I’ll contact you for questions about your preferences and about payment reminders and decision deadlines.


Get Out Of Town!

Your travel plan is designed with you in mind – now you get to relax and enjoy it! And should you need any assistance during your trip – I’m only a text or an email away.

Start Exploring

Schedule a Vacation Consultation to tell me all about your perfect trip.
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